Kat Tat Henry Mcmahon Yeah but the girls could have been spreading a story about one guy in particular, and the note was a reference to that. He would have already known a story was being said about him. Girls can Love Houston Astros my Astros signature shirt. They were probably bullying the guy. Kimberlee Ponson Kat Tat – read the article. If he is a rapist, then it is not possible for girls to ‘bully’ him. Read the article. If he is a rapist then the school has done wrong by not investigating why this kid believes he is being targeted. Tracy Reese Kat Tat In sworn affidavits and a summary of the school’s investigation submitted Oct. 17 as evidence to the court, multiple school administrators referenced an “incident” between the alleged bullying victim and a female student identified as “Student 2″ that necessitated police involvement.

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Though Student 2 and her family did not pursue charges, she obtained a protection order against Student 1 following the incident, according to the school’s documents. The Love Houston Astros my Astros signature shirt, expiring at the end of the current school year. Cameron Smith Henry Mcmahon You know why its the default response? Because as each day passes, these stories seem to get more and more clownish, more absurd, and on the fringes of more people’s understanding of right and wrong. Daniel P Sousa Cameron Smith Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, and Kevin Spacey are amongst the most talked-about cases of sexual abuse in the last couple of years. Neither is a prominent right-winger, quite the contrary. The fact that people like you try to make it political is very telling. Maybe you’re thinking about Al Franken or James Gunn, who was indeed targeted for their politics.

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