Jason Stewart Juan Manuel Quijano Are you trolling or Lana Parrilla Evil Regal shirt? Hard to tell since your responses are so odd. “You would have done it too.” No, we wouldn’t have. You’re inventing a fiction where most people would be this reckless or clueless. Some would, sure, because there are people who do dumb things every day. But that doesn’t make it the norm. The vast, vast majority of people would not stick any body parts outside of a moving train, sign or no sign. That’s common sense 101. I’ve commuted by train for 18 years and if there’s a sign I never bothered reading it, but I haven’t once so much as stuck a finger out the window. Duh. It’s tragic accident; condolences to her friends and family.

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The old sign was fine, the new sign is Lana Parrilla Evil Regal shirt. And, BTW, some small minority of reckless people will still do it even with the new sign. Eamonn Keaveney Juan Manuel Quijano – No-one says you can’t have fun doing your job. And yes, according to dictionary definitions of the word fun, it can be classed as play. You tired to argue semantics about my wording because you don’t understand the point about context. But that fell flat because the wording is perfectly logical. You’re also fixated on me having done the same on a train when I have not. Naturally you’ve also ignored the point about personal responsibility and common sense being paramount. Stuart Allen Eamonn Keaveney actually network rail have a duty to maintain the trees along a railway track. That includes it being blown that way as that needs to to taken into account when cutting. The tree was dangerous and that was not her fault but it was network rails.

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