Kevin Bateman, It is now an established fact that the Maori’s arrived in Keep Calm and Eat Cob Loaf Shirt in the 1300s and Captain Cook 1769. This means that the Maori were not indigenous and haven’t been there much longer than the Europeans, in the great scope of things. BBC giving a politically loaded report again! Sam Parrott Kevin Bateman doesn’t change the fact that they were the first people here and had all their land stolen from them. Kevin Bateman Sam Parrott I agree with you to some extent, the Americans were the first men on the moon, does that mean they now own the whole moon or just the area they landed on?. Its all about perspective. Gill Frost Kevin Bateman notwithstanding what colonialism gave such countries such as education hospitals and clinics infrastructure of all kinds of clean drinking water.

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It’s not all one-sided by a long chalk. Keep Calm and Eat Cob Loaf Shirt. The Maori were not the first to arrive in New Zealand. If you visit the Maori museum you will find a display of an earlier indigenous community which were crushed/killed by the Maori. Jette Hawk Kevin Bateman nothing unusual there the as BBC at its work again. Or is that left to ITV? Just a thought. Mark Davison Romans never did genocide against people killing rebels is not meaning genocide. Killing civilians or ethnic cleansing is genocide like what was in America in Australia in Iraq in Afghanistan and others. Akshay Vara Louise Edwards The brutality that the British and the Europeans imposed upon people across the world is beyond belief.

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