Yes they can win the Super Bowl.They will have  Kansas City Chiefs Weed Hood Smoking Chiefin shirt to beat the Chargers or Patriots before that can happen.Should it be the Chargers they will have revenge for the loss a few weeks back plus the fact it would be the Chargers 4th road game in a row,,not a good spot for LA.Should the Patriots win today they would present a more difficult challenge..Reid is notorious for blowing playoff games while the “hoodie” is notorious for winning them.Course coaches don’t play but they, along with their staff do develop the game plan.Arrowhead a tough place to win in or at.New England would present the bigger challenge in my opinion of the two teams.Belichick will take away what KC does best which is mis-direction by playing wide and making the Cheifs play in the middle of the field.The Patriots are beating LA 28-7 right now and it looks like they will advance.They will slow the game to a crawl the rest of way unless the Chargers mount a furious rally.Should they go on to win they will likely try the same gameplan vs KC.Get ahead,make KC play inside,and slow the game down.


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I think they’re in the conversation to be Kansas City Chiefs Weed Hood Smoking Chiefin shirt the best team in the AFC right now, solely because there really isn’t anyone else in the AFC outside the Steelers (who they already beat) with the type of firepower that KC has. This offense is LOADED. Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins, Kareem Hunt, even Chris Conley, Demarcus Robinson are both stupidly fast and good athletes. And the engine that drives this machine is Patrick Mahomes: a fearless young QB. Andy Reid is the driver, and this is the most terrifying squad he’s ever assembled. Man coverage? Have fun keeping up. Zone? Pat Mahomes will find the soft spots. Blitz? Empty set and quick-fire to the mismatch/open guy. The defense is a concern and this is after 3 weeks of play, so everything could go to shit like it did last year, but after 3 weeks the offense is scoring 39.3 PPG, which if carried through the season would crush the all time record.


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