I’m all for freedom of speech but desecrating our flag should be classified as a hate crime. You buy your flag you want to burn it that’s your choice that’s freedom absolute freedom you burn someone else’s flag now we got a problem. What’s the odds these hoodlums were fervently fans of or some other liberal media. Where else do you go if you hate and need some moral support that’s unless your a leftist or a Kamala for 2020 president shirt of that have their own little enclaves and pagan rituals. I’m so sick and tired of people fighting for politics and dumb ideologies don’t give a flying? uck for anyone but themselves. I see people fight with each other over politics, pathetic. I’m not a nor a. I’m nothing.

Kamala for 2020 president shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Kamala for 2020 president Tank top
Tank top

I’m just a human that wants peace. We had major issues in flying back to form. We have always flown and never had issues until this summer but now I am beginning to worry. Have a few more flights this summer and I hope we get to our destinations. If not we will be looking to fly with another airline from now on. I’ve been flying for years. I’m a Kamala for 2020 president shirt then a credit card it’s really gone downhill.

Kamala for 2020 president Sweater

I have missed connections and been stranded overnight on more than one occasion. Last time I rented a car and drove hours home. Can’t depend on them getting me anywhere on time anymore. Customer service is great in first class, coach not so much! Also, now takes miles for a round trip when it used to be miles. Looking for a new airline a Kamala for 2020 president shirt of me and I’m going to jail and you are going to the hospital.


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