My mother as a child was very ill with Judas Priest 50th anniversary 1969-2019 signature shirt, luckily once the fever broke she recovered. Some children in her school did not, it was a truly feared childhood illness, right alongside with Polio. Christine Berwick, My mother was a diphtheria carrier as a child, pre-vaccination era. She spent 6 months in isolation. Her mum and dad used to go every Sunday and look at her through the window. Not allowed to go in. Her cousin died with a ” caul” blocking her throat. Wendy Froese In my grandfather’s family, 5 of his siblings died in one month from diphtheria. His mother was also gravely ill but pulled through. Imagine emerging from that illness to find 5 of your children have passed away! Obviously vaccinations have made a huge difference. We do not want a recurrence of this and other dreaded diseases if we can in any way prevent it!

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Judas Priest 50th anniversary 1969-2019 signature shirt. People should have the vaccine. Kay Vincent OMG the ignorance of some people is just staggering. I love google and the internet but I also hold it fully responsible for allowing the spread of the huge amount of misinformation and outright lies that have empowered all these “experts” to convince people their kids are better off not being vaccinated. Liz Bland John Blackburn perhaps more advertising is needed when we were young there were posters and leaflets and clinics and school nurse inspections which were compulsory. Medicals for every child.. Then letters sent home to say what was wrong with you. They checked teeth, hair, feet for verrucas and checked jabs were up to date. I had tb jab at school and polio on a sugar lump. My surname was Y so always at the end it the queue. The kids would file past telling you how much it hurt!

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  1. Kate Charlotte

    Managed to order 2 t-shirt on a Tuesday evening for delivery on Thursday. It was really quick, decent quality and ideal for what we needed!

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