Ray Young Martin Spedding all they have to do is say no extension, no problem. They won’t do that though, they need the money. The auditors have again refused to sign their budget because they appear to have lost a few billion again & you want to stay with these swindlers. I do not want the Corrupt Unelected EU Conn to dictate to me how much my mortgage interest rates will be. Nor do I want our taxes to fund Welfare in other countries When we can not even fix our own homeless problems and NHS “crisis” of our own first. Ursula von der Leyens Federaliseation plans Fiscal & Political for the EU backed by Macron will never be given to the EU citizens the option to say yes or no in any type of referendum, ( And you talk about eu freedoms PFT)

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Federalization will be forced upon us. I dont want to be a member of that type of club them. Martin Spedding Chandra Muther exactly we are losing our freedom of movement and rights as eu citizens we do not stop Brexit. We are about to lose a lot and gain nothing. Kevin Mccormack Martin Spedding Remind me which lies and don’t mention the bus it’s been proven that Remainers got that one wrong. So please tell the nation which one’s you are talking about. We are all interested to listen not to your views but actual fact. Right Sir fill your boots. Barry-Lee Millership Martin Spedding and there you have it when my daughter is my age, we will not be a country but a province and as a result of a future common fiscal policy even more taxes raised here will be spent elsewhere.

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  1. Kate Charlotte

    Ordered a T-shirt for my boyfriend online. It arrived 2 days later just as advertised. Great quality, excellent value for money.

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