John Wick John Rick shirt Yes, you can deal with high voltage with caution. People does. Why do you use the word “play”? You think it’s as simple as making false analogies using words as “play” that simplify it all for you so you can look down on other people? Leave those analogies for the idiotic. She was unfortunate, but you would have done it too, people do it. Your analogy of playing with high voltage is not only inaccurate but you are suggesting she was stupid. Very unnecessary and if it’s the only way you feel smart you should seek other ways friend. Investigators are taking advantage of vocabulary, it’s true, but the vocabulary does sound suggestive. People do what she did. You probably have done it yourself. Most things you can’t do on public transport and public spaces DO clearly say you are not allowed to do it.

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John Wick John Rick shirt in the UK especially in the 70s and 80s all kids watched public service announcement that told you not to do things like this. One of them was titled do not play on electricity pylons. So the use of the word play here is entirely in context. Caution signs also warn of steep drops, high cliffs, off limit areas etc. A caution warning should tell people brought up within the system that they shouldn’t be doing it. Teresa Wright Juan Manuel Quijano I think it’s your head with the problem, you cannot understand what caution means followed by the words Do NOT lean out of window when train is moving…for goodness sake, do young people need it explaining any clearer than that?

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