Sande Knight Gita Sesh It is disingenuous to say that you don’t see the color. Jeremy Corbyn Terrorist Synthesizer Shirt! It stares back at you. What is different is the acceptance of color as an ingredient…like two arms, blue eyes, ears… They are all ingredients in the Human Stew that we all are and accept lovingly! Michelle McWilliams Bravo. Amazing athlete and talent are deserving of what she works so hard for so many hours every day. And it totally makes sense for outfit or costume pieces that are meant to be “nude” to extend aesthetic visual lines actually be in all the nude shades humans come in.

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Janet Hubert, I used to think it was simply absurd to have to wear pink pointe shoes and pink tights, way back in the late 70’s we had Jeremy Corbyn Terrorist Synthesizer Shirt. She is brown on brown beautiful, dance has come a long long way. Merci Diva, Dance Theater of Harlem always dyed their shoes and tights themselves. One would think it would be a natural simple thing at having, ballet has evolved for the better. Neil Stewart, This piece is about an amazing athlete that is wanting tights that are closer to her natural skin color. But because of social brainwashing wants to make a big deal of the default setting. As far as I am aware most ballerinas are predominately white. What I drew from this, “I am a black girl in a generally white profession and I want to make an issue of a non-issue”.

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    Again thoroughly satisfied with my streetshirts order. I will definitely be back.

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