Jon Campbell, It’s always folks who live in the least sustainable thing on the planet: the Atlanta Falcons Friends TV Show Shirt, telling rural folks that they’re the problem! I love this! That is really good but when it comes to sustainability or feeding people on a really large scale the vertical farms are not yet financially viable. The large scale farming is still, at the moment at least, the main way of creating food for the masses. Christina Huizar, You may be right in regards to food growth but cities are green in other ways. Density for one. The single-family home model can’t support unlimited population growth.

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I need this Atlanta Falcons Friends TV Show Shirt. People move from the least sustainable thing to the most sustainable thing: the village than the most sustainable will become least sustainable. Daniel Bradley Long story short – if all aspects of farming were more profitable. It would remove the need for all types of food production to be intensified for the simple reason of trying to make a sustainable living! Everyone would prefer to do less work, with less risk whilst having an improved environment. Cities have public transportation also. I grew up in a tiny rural farm town. We had to drive at least half an hour for the most basic services and had to drive a full hour or more for anything complicated. How is that sustainable?

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  1. Kate Charlotte

    5 Stars! Top service and quick although the print could have been a bit bigger on the rear, I was very happy with the product. I will be using the discount straight away. The Thanks again!

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