Tina Batten Rudro Khan I am a non-believer brought up around the church of Horror Pocus Regulators mount up shirt. I understood from their perspective that we are given free will and we should treat others as we would wish to be treated. God helps those who help themselves. So I feel that if you are a believer it’s a guide to how to behave, not an abdicating of responsibility for doing or not doing something. It should be down to us to change behaviors and address problems. So I understand you feel like you are trusting to your God, however, your God should expect you to act not just trust. Cameron Bishop How about we await the pending investigation before assuming that the police are “happy”.

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From what we can attain the officers were responding to reports of a home invasion. The house was messy inside, the front door was open and *she could of, pending investigation* been holding a gun. Any officer is going to be on edge when responding to a home invasion, let alone of they see a person holding a gun. So again, await investigation? Horror Pocus Regulators mount up shirt. It was called into a NON EMERGENCY line as a welfare check. All they had to do was knock. There is no justification for this. All too often we hear stories of welfare checks ending with someone being killed by a scary cop. Simon Kindall Cameron Bishop They didn’t announce they were police so if she was pointing a gun its because she heard what she thought was intruders and in the US that is her right.

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