John Cleal Peta Evans so fence off all rivers and canals and lakes and cliffs and roads and seashores. And domestic ovens and hotplates. And a warning on every kitchen knife and fork. And at the top of every staircase. For god’s sake. Engr Ah Bill Peta Evans who are you to Are a Holly Dolly Christmas shirt? Is that some kind of joke to you? Are you implying that people with special needs are dumb that they wouldn’t know about dangers ? , why would anyone jeopardize their personal safety by leaning their head out of the window? Miss High and Mighty, get your head out of the sand, accept that was her mistake, train company is not to be blamed on this incident.

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Michael Pierce Peta Evans I’m autistic and I would know not to stick my head out of a window from a moving train at 75mph speed your comment is irrelevant. Tom Wyatt Literally no sympathy from most people on this story. A father mother have lost there little girl have some sympathy. Tom Wyatt Ira W. Are a Holly Dolly Christmas shirt. Chris Williams-Fisher Agreed. Very sad for the ladies family and friends. But what a bad example to the younger generation she is. My 8 year old wouldn’t even think about doing this. Again I’m very sorry but also appalled By her stupidity. You shouldn’t even need signage to warn of this. No doubt this will result in an immaginitive lawyer trying to make a case for compensation.

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