The UK has had a collapsing industrial economy Hippie car Pogue life outer banks shirt since the Thatcher era with its stress on financial policies (useful to London) but an absence of an industrial policy (required by the rest of the. The UK is the only country in the above table that does not have a domestically owned car industry. Its industrial weakness and inept governments have made the UK a great location for the rich, but a much less good country for its poorer inhabitants. There are 14 applicants on average for every job and zero-hours contracts – one-sided contracts which call upon the worker to be available for work, but don’t guarantee any work will be provided – and these contracts are greater in the UK than in any other.


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European country. People with zero-hours  Hippie car Pogue life outer banks shirt contracts are included in the official estimates of the employed and are officially swindled out unemployment benefits to which they were previously entitled. The fall in the quality of UK government data is palpable but not easily measurable – unemployment figures are not, as the Office for National Statistics claims, consistent with ILO definitions but reflect the number of those unemployed and claiming benefit in a country where every official DWP effort is made to deny benefits to the unemployed. See the great film I, Daniel Blake which recounts this issue. A review is at BBC – I, Daniel Blake – BBC Films

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