A-ha tour 2019 signature shirt.’ The fact that you don’t understand that says a lot about your lack of maturity, understanding, and sensitivity towards the dignity of other human beings, regardless of their place of origin. ‘You people’ is a subtle form of racism and a huge indication of lamebrained ignorance. And if you can’t understand my response – YOU’RE the idiot. Now, run along back to the kiddie’s table and let the adults talk, chump. Aman Sarai Ulysses Nash Owen You sound really stupid. I’m from a family of immigrants and just like Murray Sovereign, you sound like a sensitive snowflake. Stop getting triggered and enjoy life for once instead of telling immigrants and minorities how they should feel. Have a good day! Debbie Walker, You are holding Mr. Cherry to a higher standard than you hold Justin Trudeau to.

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I despair for common sense. A-ha tour 2019 signature shirt of complaints. Canadians voted via overwhelming the online complaint system. I wish we could vote away the racist Québec Bill 21 with the same clarity. NB. Bill 21 is the banning of kipah, turban, hijab, etc. religious symbols for school teachers. Jamie Venieris Douglas Esquivel-Fraser I believe that the lack of diversity in points of view makes us less tolerant, yes he has been controversial, but that was his deal, so I believe that this is a bad thing for Canadian hockey and for Canada overall.

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  1. Kate Charlotte

    Managed to order 2 t-shirt on a Tuesday evening for delivery on Thursday. It was really quick, decent quality and ideal for what we needed!

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