Lisa Marie Emstad In the U. S. Consent is covered every year of high school (and possibly lower grades, too). My daughter described how it’s taught. They use an analogy of tea. An unconscious person cannot tell you if they want tea or not. Do not give an unconscious person tea. You may think you want tea and then change your mind. Etc. It seems so easy and clear and it takes off the pressure off the kids from talking about sex. It’s easier to talk about tea.  Mike Podsiedlak Lisa Marie Emstad this concept of consent is not US-born. While completely valid, It’s a British explanation that has not made its way to US textbooks save social media. Elaine Stockwell Sam Parrott You’re right, there are schools in America that don’t even teach sex education! Those schools certainly aren’t teaching consent.

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Some of the schools that do teach sex education, never touch upon the subject of consent or abuse. Find Chelangat ‘you know who it is’ this statement is so worrying, does it mean the ordeal has been going on openly without any action from the administration? Hannah Daya Catahan Thanks goodness common sense prevailed and she got through the case. Now let’s talk about this random guy who felt targeted by these words . . . He wants to interrogate in a cell. Dan Culea I think she should be punished for creating unnecessary panic among her schoolmates. If she had any evidence of one of her schoolmates being a rapist she should have notified the school principal and the police. If she was trying to raise awareness amongst her peers she should have done it with the school’s consent.

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