Ann Russell My heart goes out to this mum, losing a child especially having taken her to The Grinch is this jolly enough Christmas shirt. And then be sent home…The doctors and nurses are being so stretched and our health care needs more money spent to bring it up to a higher standard. We need to shout out for our Doctors and nurses who are being put under immense pressure, to make quick-thinking decisions, maybe when tired after an extra-long shift..that can’t be good for either doctor nurse or patient. But please follow the guidelines as this mother says. Better to be safe than sorry. I’m so sorry your beautiful little girl died from this disease.

The Grinch is this jolly enough Christmas shirt, hoodie, sweater, and v-neck t-shirt


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I pray you will find peace in this storm, and that your voice be heard to warn others to be aware…thank you for The Grinch is this jolly enough Christmas shirt, l therefore really hope that you succeed in your quest to change things, so please accept my deepest condolences. Elsa Orr So sad for these parents. Drs do a great job but can make mistakes like all of us can. As a parent, you know your child better than anyone. Never be afraid to challenge their decisions. I know my son is alive today because I refused to allow him to be discharged until more tests were done. Thankfully he was transferred to the Western General where he was diagnosed with Viral Encephalitis and treatment began immediately and he pulled through. We were a lucky family.

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  1. Kate Charlotte

    After an initial issue with my order, the aftercare team were very quick to resolve it without any hesitation.

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