The Homer Bailey deal is paying off big right now. I need God family Cowboys Dallas Cowboys shirt. We will have Farmer and Wood left from that trade and we trade Puig for a proven, although temperamental, a starter in Bauer. Plus, Puig just bought a house in Mason so he might be coming back next year. Just sit back and look at the starting 5 for the rest of the season and next year…. Castillo, Bauer, Gray, Disco, and Wood. The Reds haven’t had that kind of rotation since 2012. So, just take a minute and look at the big picture that has finally unfolded after all of these years of frustration. 2020 is going to be a better year and who knows, they may make a wild card run this season.

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Best God family Cowboys Dallas Cowboys shirt

I flew all the way from the God family Cowboys Dallas Cowboys shirt to come to see the Reds play for a weekend when the Scooter bobblehead was given out celebrating his 4 home run game. I’m sad tonight. All we do is rebuild to rebuild to the end game of nothing. The only reason I watch this team this year was Puig and he is gone. Makes my head hurt. I’m done. There is no point to waste my time or money on a team that will always be in last or second to the last place in the division. Same old story. The good thing is, we second to last place. lol. Also, I will not buy another Reds Jersey. Just glad Larkin retired a Red. I will cherish his jersey for life!


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