Middy Adams, I was pretty sure that my aunt had sepsis a couple of years ago. She couldn’t breathe and they kept taking her blood pressure because of it Gingle Bells Christmas Shirt. They said something was wrong with the armband. They kept changing it and it was still that low. I said that’s low like sepsis. No one listened to me. It was hours before she was finally diagnosed and being taken care of properly. She spent a long time in the ICU. Thankfully, she recovered and has been doing well since. Ann Russell, My heart goes out to this mum, losing a child especially having taken her to the hospital to make sure she was getting the right to diagnose. And then be sent home.

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Gingle Bells Christmas Shirt. But please follow the guidelines as this mother says. Better to be safe than sorry. I’m so sorry your beautiful little girl died from this disease. I pray you will find peace in this storm, and that your voice be heard to warn others to be aware…thank you for sharing your story today. Layne Wilson Took my daughter to a primary care doctor who told me she had colic and I was worrying too much, she d tested positive a few days earlier on her unbiblical stump for group a strep, took her home wasn’t happy in night and took her to hospital, spent week on iv antibiotics which is a lot for a 19 day old baby, I ended up in hospital on same day with postpartum group a strep sepsis, I was turned away and told it was a water infection without tests, thank goodness Doctor in a and e argued for me and demanded I was seen onward, in just 3 hours I was unconscious, it’s an awful infection.


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