I will take this question from personal Floki’s shipyard quality longboats sin 793 ad shirt experience as a short man that manages taller men/women. People laugh at the question but it is valid. Height does project more confidence and respect for first impressions. This definitely fades as you show your competence and gain a reputation of being able to get things done. I’ve walked into meetings with people I don’t know whom we’re looking past me or was waiting for someone of authority. I don’t think people are purposefully discriminating but it is present.

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One thing to always remember is that it is more Floki’s shipyard quality longboats sin 793 ad shirt difficult to get a higher management position while short but it is that much more difficult for women and people of different ethnicities. Use your experience to raise awareness about these realities and try to help break the barrier for true discrimination. I can feel a person’s bias but it isn’t comparable to people who are consciously discriminated against. Nobody wants to see me fail and are generally more inspired by my success. I can’t say the same about these other groups. As you grow into higher positions, remember the reality and make it a better place for all people. I choose to use a more open leadership style where people are happy and get meaning from their work. Is this simply because I’m short? No, but the pendulum swings both ways. There is an initial bias that is beneficial while being short just as there are for tall.

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