Dog I’m not shouting it’s just my voice shirt, I think sarcasm is the word you were going for, but yeah, irony and sarcasm are both difficult to covey with text. There’s even a pun in there with irony and put it on a shirt. We had iron-on in my youth. They’re actually still a thing. Marie Bed Even when you think you’re ready for everything with this crowd, you still get shocked. Kendall Lee Separation of powers. Where has that gone? Or was it ever there? Transparency! Where is it? Can a President interfere in a public procurement process? Something doesn’t seem right. Stephen L Brandt What separation are you talking about? The President is the commander in chief of the military thus the military is under the executive branch so I don’t see where the separation of powers applies to in this situation. Paul Weiss Stephen L Brandt Your statement is true.

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But the question of demanding that Bezos instruct the Dog I’m not shouting it’s just my voice shirt of Biden as a condition of the contract is also valid. We simply can’t have a “quid quo pro” president. James McKay Nowhere in the article is any factual statement that declared the decision was made by Trump, it is only implied as a means to implicate him and not as a news story. Christopher Sprayberry, I guess Progressives are going to temporarily forget that they are supposed to hate Bezos. Surely their favorite celebrity or politician will remind them sooner or later. Christopher Sprayberry Patrick Fonner finally someone gets it. But you have to know that the vast number of people truly wait for more important people to tell them who to hate and that for many the leap to being able to actually think about it is seemly rare. Just look at the comments. People are defending their favorite billionaire as if they have skin in the game.

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