After leaving home to become an artist, the heir to a tofu factory returns to Darth Negan Star Wars shirt to revive the family business. First problem: Find a recipe for tofu. With the national unemployment rate now flirting with a 50-year low, companies are increasingly adopting corporate policies and job requirements to accommodate the needs of prospective candidates. Corporations are willing to do almost anything except pay a decent wage.

Darth Negan Star Wars shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

Darth Negan Star Wars Hoodie


Darth Negan Star Wars Ladies Tee

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Darth Negan Star Wars Sweater


Darth Negan Star Wars V-neck T-shirt

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If you got sick, and couldn’t work, you would last as long as your sick time and Darth Negan Star Wars shirt. If it was a long illness, you would lose your job and your healthcare. Once your savings run out, it’s only a matter of time before you are evicted or your mortgage is foreclosed and you file bankruptcy. This is the fate of countless citizens in America. So don’t be tempting fate by acting all smug that you are doing well. In America, one serious illness or accident will have you living in your car.

How can anyone fix an economy from a recession to be that robust and republican idiocy proof? My son is disabled and a junior at MSU in geophysics/engineering. I know his disability will make him even more employable. I am (of course) very pleased abt that fact. Jo Lourey desperately wanting this to not be true because I don’t want to ever date a fellow private school boy again.


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