I wasn’t given this freedom as a child. Instead, I hurt people and Dalmatian Christmas Tree shirt. I would have so much rather stayed home or with a friend color hair does makeup and then all over again. I let my girls do colored tips for the summer. The deal was only for the summer, it had to be done by a salon not at home with do it yourself dye, only the bottom two inches and it had to be trimmed off at the end of summer. It was cute, they got to see the difference between their natural color and the dyed hair. The dye was exactly what they wanted at first but after two weeks of washing and swimming, they could see the damage the dye had done. It was drier, faded to a different color. They liked it for the summer but were also thrilled with their post trim a natural look. They were 9and 12 at the time and haven’t asked to do anymore color since.

Dalmatian Christmas Tree shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

Dalmatian Christmas Tree Hoodie


Dalmatian Christmas Tree Ladies Tee

Ladies Tee

Dalmatian Christmas Tree Sweater


Dalmatian Christmas Tree V-neck T-shirt

V-neck T-shirt

Best Dalmatian Christmas Tree shirt

I like a Dalmatian Christmas Tree shirt. It is hair. Get safe temp dye color and let her have it in until it all washes out. She’s her own person. Now, if she’s asking to go on tons of makeup and skimpy clothes to impress people…that’s another thing. It’s just hair though and it’s a way we all can express ourselves. I’m confused about the comments referring to the school’s allowance of hair color. Are there really schools that have been given that sort of power over your child’s body? I am curious why your reasoning is she is too young. It seems like a vague reason. Is there something else that is preventing you from letting her like you’re worried about what other people will think? 13 isn’t that young. They are really looking for some independence at this point and you need to find safe ways for them to have that.


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