Mike Winkler David Laranjeira where were you when Barack Obama was sending billions of dollars in cash to Iran. Where were you when Barack Obama Weaponized the Dallas Cowboys All Members Christmas Tree Shirt. There wouldn’t even be a Donald Trump if it wasn’t for what the Democrats have done these last eight years. Katie Evans Mike Winkler It was not US money; it was Iran’s money. The US had held their money in frozen accounts for 37 years. The dispute over these frozen assets was in the hands of an International Court Tribunal- per both country’s agreement. If Obama had not made the settlement when he did it is likely the Court would have ordered to the US to pay much more in interest. Kathy Murphy Ben Smart you certainly have not earned your last name. You follow blindly because you are too proud to admit you are following a liar and a crook. Get a spine and start listening to his own words.

Dallas Cowboys All Members Christmas Tree Shirt, hoodie, sweater, and v-neck t-shirt


Ladies Tee


Best Dallas Cowboys All Members Christmas Tree Shirt

He is a con man. Kathy Murphy Curtis Hiserote here we go again. Dallas Cowboys All Members Christmas Tree Shirt. Time to deal with the current crisis in our country and impeach this criminal as well. Lisa DuPre Kathy Griffin had her entire life blown up when a picture of herself holding a Trump mask covered in ketchup was posted online. Of course the administration is going to insist that the makers of this video get the same treatment, investigation by multiple federal bodies, being put on the no-fly list, actively preventing them from being able to do their job, repeatedly calling them traitors and dangerous criminals at rallies and from the podium of the White House press room, right? That’s obviously about to happen because otherwise, they’d be a bunch of hypocrites and liars.


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