Caroline Ravensdale Maybe he could be the one to raise the issue to the government to put back the millions taken from Special education then so more children get the right support … maybe that could be his winning agenda when it comes down to a general election? Coldplay team music shirt. They mistake b for d, not b for x. Left and right, n so on. It can be overcome with patience n digressing. Takes more effort, more time, but even severe dyslexia can be overcome. Yes, it can occur in adults. Diagnosed a friend in med school who kept failing. It just took discipline to overcome it. Chris Starr Yes I get confused with letters, I don’t see the mistakes. But I’m bright enough to not confuse white goods with musical instruments. Your point really doesn’t work.

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I learned the Coldplay team music shirt. Maria Ramsdale He was being a pedant, dyslexics don’t have a full visual impairment but certain text, words or fonts make it harder. We all know he wasn’t just asking a simple question he was being dcik, sorry for the spelling I am a dyslexic! David Mills reading some of the stories on here makes me furious. I was a Primary School teacher and to my shame, in the 1970s, I dismissed “word blindness” out of hand. I didn’t understand.  because we had a friend who was more experienced in these things. I spent the last 20 years of my career campaigning for this and other learning difficulties and differences to be recognized.

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    Great shirts just as requested

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