Questions Stanley Chris Miller kids are dumb if the boy said he felt targeted it isn’t as simple as saying he felt that he did something wrong. Rumors get spread around and Christmas begins with christ Cross sweatshirt. If the student body felt that the boy was a rapist, of course, he’s going to feel targeted despite if he did it didn’t do anything. That’s why it’s important to deal directly with authorities instead of letting the public go for witch hunts. More so with kids cause they lack real-life experience.  Chris Miller Question Stanley what Witchhunt? The rapist outed himself. There wasn’t even a CHANCE for a hunt because he spoiled the fun. Bottom line, if he wasn’t guilty he never would have made it an issue.

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When are you all going to admit what your real problem is? Stacy Kehoe Zahn Joe Ellison I think she was trying to make the statement “predators are everywhere, in every circle and we all know of at least one person affected”. Chris Miller Cameron Smith I’m going to need you to go back to grade school, learn about complete sentences, and then come back and rewrite that last comment. It makes zero sense in the context of this thread. Unless that’s a threat of violence, in which case we can all tell you’re too weak of a man to do that. Niall O Byrne Chris Miller perhaps you should instead of bleating like a moron, read instead of the more in-depth stories carried by proper Newspapers and see what a nut she really was. Baa Baa

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