You talk that way about RBG after her 3rd cancer operation and her broken ribs?  Nola Hudson-Paschal Kerry Schmidt “Chicken I’m into fitness fit’ ness Taco in my mouth shirt” Anyone who uses this as an excuse knows absolutely nothing about how an election works nor do they understand primaries. Do you even know anything about the last presidential election? It was impossible for Bernie to split the Dem votes because he wasn’t on the ballot for the general election. I am unbelievably tired of ignorance in this country.  Jamal Uddin Nasar He will run presidency smoothly along with his physical weaknesses as compared to that strong man who suits to be in casinos for gambling his bundle of concubines. Andre Afourkeeff Mickey LeRoy – Bernie is perhaps old but his ideas are new to the American contemporary political scene and need to be expended by the younger crowd.

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Jamal Uddin Nasar your idiotic remark makes Chicken I’m into fitness fit’ ness taco in my mouth shirt. Jamal Uddin Nasar Chris Roberson yes do share it with that strong racist too. Mickey LeRoy He needs to stand down and spend his time with his family. The priority is family–not politics. He is 78 years old–too old before this…Trump and Warren and Biden are too old too. Time for my generation to pass the power over to the next. Mary Nagel-Logsdon Mickey LeRoy who does you think is ready for that monumental task? Cynthia A Thompson Mickey LeRoy f that ageism nonsense. You are a part of the problem in this country w your ridiculous “he is too old crap”. Like so many in the U.S., you were taught to think getting old is something to avoid. So many do not get the chance. Only the lucky one does. Society here needs to change its views. We are well behind the rest of the world on that issue.

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  1. Kate Charlotte

    Great product, nicely done. Wasn’t dispatched on time, but did arrive in time to me, and was efficiently and courteously dealt with so all’s well that ends well! Thanks folks.

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