Liz Lent Millwater It really is awful what happened, but before long, no one will be able to make Cat do what I want coffee shirt! How about we take responsibility for our own actions and stop constantly looking to blame someone else! Roger Powell It doesn’t take a genius to understand that sticking your head out of a train window when it can travel up to 90mph, with signal posts in tunnels and gantry bridges along the route, is not a good idea. Mark Normann I am very sorry but this is a Darwin matter. It just is not possible to tell people all the ways they can kill them selves.

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“If you put your head out of moving vehicle there is a great possibility to die.” I am sad for this young lady but there is a limit for the Cat do what I want coffee shirt. Janet Jay Tee Tanjir Liton what is it you are needing? A blanket? A gold watch? Or witchcraft… A fresh bowl of mushroom soup picked from the forest of doom? Janet Jay Tee Tanjir Liton not my time lost… I’m sorry you have to resort to this… You will tell me you are in the military with a month before you retire… Your wife died leaving you with a son to care for… Your pension is on hold for a month. Saved you weeks of waffle. Condolences to this young woman’s family and friends. Very sad. There’s a reason we are taught not to do it. Katherine White Olwen Mc I only hope they do because they are suing. Her estate should be sued for her causing emotional distress to the train employees and others on the train who had to witness the aftermath.

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  1. Kate Charlotte

    I’ve bought several personalised tshirts from different companies and Street Shirts is the best. Everything is easy from choosing a product through to ordering and delivery. Great prices and next to nothing delivery costs. Also arrived the day after dispatch. Very impressed.

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