Andy Edwards Tom Wyatt it’s because there is literally no respect or compassion left in some people. Smug gits all walking around thinking they are so much smarter, wiser and that because they saw it through a phone screen they need to Breaking Bad friends tv show shirt. Just basic trolls. Tom Wyatt Andrea Gibbs then choose not to read it, instead of being depressed and resorting to upsetting others including the family whom I feel for at this time then don’t comment absurd and disgusting comments. Iain Gorry I’m quite sure her friends and family are very aware she died from a thoughtless act, and are over the worst of it since it’s been some time. It would have been in their first thoughts. Yet now they are trying to blame others for her passing.

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It seems they can’t accept it, anyway. So anyone pointing out the obvious isn’t news to the family. It is probably nice to come to their defence although it makes those offended by the Breaking Bad friends tv show shirt. This is shown by the exaggerated claim that most people aren’t sympathic; an obvious feel+good generator. Another version is that people stating obvious are also reacting at the shock of it. It doesn’t mean they are bad people, just the opposite. Maurits van Eijck Tom Wyatt it’s sad, but people shoikd be able ti give the unanimous opinion on nayural selection and this young socialist. Marny Bolieu Hulbert Tom Wyatt I see a lot of sympathy but also an awareness that blame is being placed in the wrong direction

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