The acoustic chorus takes the song into a Black Sabbath 50th Anniversary 1970-2020 Signatures Shirt whole new dimension. It is a world-class example of a dynamic experiment that is utterly drastic, but at the same time fits the song immaculately perfect and simply could or should not have been done any differently. Its mood is still one of loneliness and disillusionment, only from a dejected and despondent point of view rather than an angrily unnerved one. It only makes the main riff all the more poundingly heavy as it reappears; and it only makes the opening lyrics of the second verse all the more powerfully compelling: “The people who have crippled you/you wanna see them burn.

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And the lyrics themselves just keep on getting Black Sabbath 50th Anniversary 1970-2020 Signatures Shirt darker, doomier and more definite: “The gates of life have closed on you/and now there’s just no return you’re wishing that the hands of doom Could take your mind away/and you don’t care if you don’t see/again the light of day.The solo, in all its simplistic middle-range tone, doesn’t act traditionally as a guitar standing out, but rather as a thematic fanfare, adding to the overall atmosphere and lifting the entire song to an even higher level of resoluteness. The bridge with its added tambourine and more high-end, staccato riffing gives the music – and the listener – a certain space while still retaining the drive of the song.

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