Lewis Royer indeed, these silent heart attacks are swiftly addressed these days. People hear the words “Beware The Baga Yaga Shirt” and immediately think of death. Just like “cancer” . We have come such a long way w medical procedures and addressing these maladies early on and he has the best medical care as well. He will probably live 20 more years….well beyond any presidential service he might provide for this country. Jeremy Robinson Do not underestimate Bernie’s s passion and determination to make America better for everyone both internally and externally. Kenneth Okoli Osakwe Old mango and have some rest, all this pursuit for worldly glory at 78 makes no sense. Irene Amstad Davis Hoping and praying for fast recovery. I saw you a few weeks ago at Winthrop university!

Beware The Baga Yaga Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top



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Kerry Schmidt Bernie is unrealistic on so many levels. People need Beware The Baga Yaga Shirt. He was never going to make the nomination. A fact that is so obvious to most. As if dividing the Dems once wasn’t enough for him. Self-centered, egotist. Jamal Uddin Nasar He will run presidency smoothly along with his physical weaknesses as compared to that strong man who suits to be in casinos for gambling his bundle of concubines. Joey Dickie Kerry Schmidt how is he unrealistic? perhaps you don’t realize how much would be gained in actually taxing the wealthy and removing corporate welfare… Kate Newmark Kerry Schmidt yes. Now is the time to throw his support behind whichever candidate best shares his values. He won’t, though. Even if that candidate was his political clone, his ego would stop him.


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  1. Kate Charlotte

    Great product, nicely done. Wasn’t dispatched on time, but did arrive in time to me, and was efficiently and courteously dealt with so all’s well that ends well! Thanks folks.

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