Della Street Tom Wyatt I know ! There are people, then there’s people who just have to judge and Bear drink Beer I hate people vintage shirt! in every sad news feed they have to be so unfeeling! Such a horrid world now. Kim Carter Taveroff Tom Wyatt I’ve read all sorts of sympathy for the family in all the posts above yours. And this was not a little girl, it was a grown woman who did an incredibly foolish thing. Tom Wyatt Chris Williams-Fisher I agree stupidly as stated above and constructive and informative comments that display emotion like yours are fine, I just find it disrespectful from people with blatant attitudes and narrow minds that ignore the fact that a family has lost a daughter and such family will view this page.

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Yes it’s horrible for everyone whom witnessed but lack of empathy and emotion isn’t going to help those whom will Bear drink Beer I hate people vintage shirt. Calling her stupid isn’t helping anyone. Ira W. Misenheimer IV Tom Wyatt Empathy for the parents sure. My sympathies however are reserved for truly faultless such as those killed by drink drivers. Ira W. Misenheimer IV Pauline Morgan Everyone has done stupid things, most with less drastic consequences, however that would be own fault and on my shoulders to accept due blame. Tom Wyatt Ira W. Misenheimer IV i respect that comment and agree we all do and we must repent any action that is foreseen to be our fault but those who are quick to call her stupid and much worse without understanding that a family will likely view this article are nothing more hurtful individuals that lack even the basic empathetic capabilities.

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