Danny Glade Lauren Alivia Morgan Obama came across like ACDC Guitar signatures shirt. Apart from when he was bombing innocent people and generally keeping business as usual to the war machine. Marion Emi Lauren, what exactly is classy about those two? He is a little hater and she walks like a horse with her big behind and gets large mouth and teeth. You don’t seem to know what really classy looks and acts like. Kevin Knopp Remember it’s not what you do for your country as president that matters. It’s how popular you are with shallow the Hollywood crowd and those that worship them. The cult of personality is real. John Leto Lauren Alivia Morgan she is race-baiting. How do white people run away from someone they overwhelmingly voted into office twice?

ACDC Guitar signatures shirt, hoodie, sweater, and v-neck t-shirt


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It doesn’t make sense. Sherri Gassen Boy does she have that “ACDC Guitar signatures shirt” role down. If you were to believe her & the media, you would think we all hate each other and that’s just not true. No matter how many times you try to make it true! Mir Eille Sherri Gassen lol oh lady. I love how you seem to have such a great grasp on racism in America when you are living in a city that is demographically completely devoid of any actual diversity — and even worse in the city you grew up in. How about actually listening to what people who look completely different from you have to say about their experience — I suspect they have a much better idea of what bias and bigotry they have had to deal with than you.

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  1. Kate Charlotte

    T-shirt arrived on time and is perfect. Good quality fabric and lettering. I will definitely place another order and recommend you to family and friends.

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