Dan Dorfman Hillary refused to campaign in the Midwest and the rust belt (3 From Hell Movie Shirt) because she thought she had it locked down. She did next to no damage control on her scandals because she wanted to cruise to victory. Do you want to talk about egoism? There’s your egoism right there.  Alex Capper Kerry Schmidt Yes, trying to make America better and safer for everyone by using successful methods, how horrible. Jacob Kable You people are idiots, you know there is a primary and a general election right? How is he going to ‘split the dem vote’ in the general election? And as far as ego goes, when he got cheated out of the primary last cycle and he backed the person who cheated him so the Dems stood a better chance in the general.

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Francheska Torres Remind me, how many heart attacks and surgeries did Dick Cheney have during his 8 years 3 From Hell Movie Shirt. of Hillary voters went to McCain in 2008 after she lost to Obama, more than Bernie voters who went to Trump in 2016. Both groups exercised their right as voters to support who they wanted because candidates are not entitled to votes. John Burrows Dick was VP. He could disappear for a week and it didn’t matter! We didn’t know what he was doing most of the time. Mo Love Kerry Schmidt actually he is unifying literally everyone. Except you. And paid trolls who say stupid things that don’t Male sense. Kerry Schmidt Mo Love Just a citizen who wants a viable candidate to vote for. Paid troll is your over imagination at work. Get a grip.


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  1. Kate Charlotte

    Great product, nicely done. Wasn’t dispatched on time, but did arrive in time to me, and was efficiently and courteously dealt with so all’s well that ends well! Thanks folks.

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