Granted the ball may have landed in his 23 Jordan greatest of all time shirt. But there is no way to prove he’d of came down with the ball and held on to make the catch. No one has proved more convincingly than Michael Jordan that having talent does not guarantee the ability to spot talent. He did his job, he’s just trying to help others do good now. Can’t be the best at everything.

23 Jordan greatest of all time shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

23 Jordan greatest of all time Hoodie


23 Jordan greatest of all time Ladies Tee

Ladies Tee

23 Jordan greatest of all time Sweater


Best 23 Jordan greatest of all time shirt

I don’t think there has been another athlete who has completely dominated his or her sport the way 23 Jordan greatest of all time shirt did. The simple reason I started playing basketball and the first basketball jersey I bought was Jordan 23, I still have the white jersey. Greatest of all time. Most famous of course for being the actor in Space Jam who then turned his hand to professional sport.

Alphabet name starting with MJ are mostly iconic. eg Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Mary j bridge, mike Jordan, Magic Johnson. I remember the name MJ 23 in high. Everyone who plays ball wants to be associated with his style of play and shirt no. The greatest and finest in court. I wouldn’t know him if he walked in here now.((Well maybe now, cos I’m in bed with the Mrs and he’d be the 7foot fella in the basketball costume. In my bedroom. That would give me a clue, I guess)!


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