As to Einstein, his theories are under constant  2020 Hello Fifty quarantined toilet paper shirt challenge and review by the legitimate scientific community: that’s the way science works. So far, Big Al is doing pretty well. As to those wearing tin foil hats, I am perfectly happy for them to be sequestered among themselves. Since me and my husband were in the fifties with health issues, and we have a six months old granddaughter, we made one room separate for my son for six more days on doctor’s advice since he had cold.he was not allowed to come out. We arranged everything. He wore a mask. We all talked to him from distance. He had home food in disposable trays.

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When a hospital ambulance comes and takes  2020 Hello Fifty quarantined toilet paper shirt  our own people away, except crying you can’t do anything. with teary-eyed you see them off, You can’t visit them, you can’t sit next to by them and console, you can’t feed them fruit, you have to leave them with medical staff in isolation is more painful to a mother Doctors, medical staff, ambulance drivers all those helping people are not some mother’s children? Why they have to risk their lives to take care of you? Did you do any favor to them at any time? Don’t test their humanity and patience and kind heart.

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    Excellent quality, couldn’t fault a thing, size was a really nice fit too.

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    Good quality, washes nice and arrived before expected

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    Does what it says on the tin. Ordered T-shirt which came on time and was what I wanted. Thank you.

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    Very good service prompt delivery very happy with the purchase. I will be using it again for future purchases.

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