WE ARE THE TROUBLELet’s pay more money to the 13 Dolphin teenager vintage shirt it is in the first place but government it might help, let’s pay more taxes itll save the planet for sure Get Greta over there she knows what to do. Strange isn’t it people, on the whole, believe the science when it comes to Coronavirus, but when it comes to the climate. Mismanaged hazard reduction burns to cause a build-up fuel on the floor caused this season to be one of the worst. And yet the largest fire in history was in 1974 75 and the second-worst was in 1939 and then 1851. Hang on a minute, they have bush fires every year and this year 200 arsonists investigated. They’ve also had record cold, stop ignoring record cold and bigging up hot days.

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So maybe they should have created more fire breaks than the 13 Dolphin teenager vintage shirt it is in the first place but 30% they did last winter. If you need to cut 1000 fire breaks and only cut 300, dont’ come crying to me about how the fires spread so easily. A far more aggressive approach is needed to protect areas that fires previously reached, the same can be said for flood defense. Action now, not putting plans in place of saying that it was an extraordinary event. That’s one of those numbers where VASTLY different outcomes will occur depending on how those numbers are run. I believe 78% of a scientist who made up 30% of this study is 99.

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