He combined this innate musical innovation 103.3 KDF Rock N Roll shirt with an incredible stage presence which helped revolutionise performance. Those who saw him and performed with him in those early days said you could see him improving his stage performance every night because he was an expert at reading a crowd. He would try new things every night and if the audience responded it would go into his repertoire of moves but if they didn’t then it wouldn’t. By the time he signed to RCA and went national he was a master at driving audiences wild in a way that nobody else was doing at the time. He created the idea of the rock frontman which sent a blueprint for everyone from Jagger to Jackson to imitate.

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By the end of the fifties the world was  103.3 KDF Rock N Roll shirt watching and among those paying attention were the next generation of rock innovators. Artists like Lennon, Harrison, McCartney, Clapton, Page, Plant and Dylan saw Elvis live and their lives were changed. It’s impossible to over estimate the impact Elvis had on his generation. Lennon, for example, wasn’t just influenced musically by Elvis, his entire career path was changed. Prior to Elvis, John didn’t consider himself musical and didn’t want to play music. But seeing Presley on screen turned him immediately into someone who wanted to be a rock and roll star more than anything else. Elvis inspired a generation to pick up a guitar and that generation went on to continue transforming music.

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