It should make things a little easier for the 0% Liberal shirt in contrast I will get this big 3 to resolve things now. He will accomplish his goal and probably throw a fireworks extravaganza when Biden wins. We aren’t impressed by his flagrant waste of resources and there are a million better ways to have spent his money. And now all he’s done will be forgotten and his failed bid for the nomination to the forefront. He and Tom Steyer are going to continue to spend in this election more unlimited money in campaigns here we come a flash he went from the hero of NY to the villain of the Democratic party. So he really didn’t lose any money and he kept Bernie from taking some of his money away.

0% Liberal shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

It is highly sympathetic that he got nothing but a nickname of mini Mike from this campaign. His money would have been better spent on shelters, food banks, cancer society and or some other good cause. And DOD has the 0% Liberal shirt in contrast I will get this record of wasting the most money ever on your profile picture. I think had he joined earlier in the process, he would have fared much better. I’ll bet everyone who made money off of him knowing he would lose is happy though. He made the mistake of thinking that he could buy the election because he thought Trump bought the election

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